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Trick up your Box!

Make your xbox do extra tricks and get the ultimate gaming, movie and music experience all from your xbox console. After we upgrade your console you will be able to do much more than just play games and watch movies by putting a CD/DVD into the disc drive.

You will be able to load and play games faster, watch movies, play music and show picture slide shows directly from the upgraded console hard drive.

It must be noted that the upgrade is nothing without the Ninja Dashboard. That is what unleashes the console and makes it do all the tricks and enhances your multimedia experience.

All installations come with a guarantee that your console will be tricked up to the max ready for you to explore. If you are not happy with the unleashed potential of your tricked up box, then you'll never be happy.

Play Watch Listen

The games, movies and music are not supplied as part of the upgrade.

Call us now on 0409 949494 or email us at and book your console in to be tricked up.



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